Whatever type of staircase you have, the elevators fit perfectly, combining a unique look, advanced technology and high quality materials.


The platform lifts for stairs are specially designed for autonomous movement, to transport people with motor sensitivities on a straight or zigzag scale.


Our company provides reliable solutions for lifting large or small loads, depending on the needs of the customer and the space.


Our partnership with Suntrap Systems allows us to offer a wide range of pool lifts and pool accessibility devices.

Welcome to Access Engineering - S.I. Vasilis AE

Lifts - Stair Lifts, Platforms, Electric Chairs, Lifts for the Disabled

Our company has 35 years of specialization in the field of vertical lifts, indoor and outdoor, stair lifts with seat or platform and other auxiliary products for the disabled.

SI Vassilis is staffed with executives with many years of experience abroad and well-trained staff.

The partners – manufacturers in Europe, are selected by our company for the highest quality and most sales of their products worldwide.

ThyssenKrupp is our largest provider of mobility solutions and our official partner.

Our customers are the most important thing for our company, in whatever corner of the country they are, continental or insular.

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Assisted mobility for an independent life, with an emphasis on life.

S. Ι. Vasilis Lifts-Stairlifts


With a high sense of responsibility and respect, offering unrivaled quality of materials and technology in our products, we undertake facilities and maintenance in private and public spaces (homes, businesses, public services, schools, hospitals, theaters, museums, etc.) vertical indoor or outdoor lifts, stair lifts with a seat or platform for transporting wheelchairs and other special constructions for the use of the disabled or other disabled persons.

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Our goal

You do not have to pay extra for the most innovative and technologically advanced products in the world.

Our products help you stay and enjoy your home, without the need for a move or limiting yourself to just one part of your home. With our wonderful line of lifts you can regain the functionality of your home or business, with ease of access and style.

Let us help you choose the right lift that meets your needs, as well as your budget.

We are sure that we will create a functional and elegant addition to your space.

In the search for solutions offered by current technology, the many years of experience of our company’s technicians will lead to the correct and technologically advanced proposals.

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