What is the process of buying a lift?

Choosing a stair lift can be simplified with a little attention to product quality, design, functionality, reliability and supplier.

A good description of the staircase that you want to be accessible with a stair lift with a seat, is what we need, to guide you to the right type of lift for your case.

We will be able to answer all your questions about the model, its origin, its function, the configuration of the space, its difference from others respectively and finally its cost.

Lifts for straight stairs are different from those for escalators (curves).

Curved stairs require the ability of the rail to change course angle and turn left or right, which makes this lift more complex and expensive than straight stairs.

The cost of installing the curved lift depends on the altitude difference and the length of the route, the number of turns of the rail, if the lift stops outside or around the stairs (900 or 1800 parking), whether it is single or double rail.

A scheduled FREE survey of the technical consultant of our company to your place, will help your research in the search for the right lift and the right supplier.

The stair lift you choose will be for a lifetime.

Your questions will lead to the right choice:

What is the difference between a single or a double rail and the configuration of the space with one or the other?

What are the main differences, their advantages and disadvantages?

Are they both equally stable, secure and reliable?

Is there a difference in price between single and double rail?

Which manufacturers use single and which double rail?

Where can you find single or double rail installations?

Once the choice of stair lift that suits your needs and home decor has been reached, a few more important questions about lift price, frequency and maintenance costs, warranty and maintenance refusal can keep you safe. from deliberately hidden pitfalls or lack of proper information.

We are sure that with the help of the technical consultant of our company, you will choose one of the best lifts on the world market with the guarantee of quality, functionality and elegance of German origin and construction.