After-Sales Service

ACCESS ENGINEERING is one of the largest and most experienced companies in handicapped access lifts and stair lifts in Greece, with 35+ years of service in lift and lift systems for people with disabilities or alternative mobility needs throughout Greece.

All of our products are certified and manufactured and installed in accordance with European Union directives.

Our company provides services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, both before and after product installation.

Our technicians travel abroad several times a year to visit our manufacturer’s factories and attend technical seminars. They are trained to service and repair the products we sell by the very engineers who designed them.

We ensure that our clients have the most complete, timely and efficient services. It doesn’t matter if you live here in Athens, Northern Greece, Peloponnese or on a distant island, if you have trouble with your machine, one of our technical staff will come and take care of it.

We pay particular attention to preventive maintenance in order to minimize potential future problems.

This way, we ensure not only that you maintain and increase the life cycle of your installation, but also minimize unforeseen costs.

Our specialized technicians are trained to provide you with high quality Technical Support and carry out continuous service and preventative maintenance to ensure high standards of Access Engineering.

Our goal is simple: Your lift works. Always.

Call center :
210 590 0123