Platform lift

Ideal for indoor or outdoor wheelchair transport.



RPSP is a stair lift with a platform and is a sample of the experience offered by the partner company THYSSENKRUPP.

Rounded corners, soft color, folding arms and reliable smooth operation are some of the features of this seventh generation lift.

The RPSP is made of high quality materials and is mounted on uprights or on the wall.

RPSP (CE, TUV certified) and the new European Directives 2006/42 / EC

Technical characteristics
  • Study – Design: Germany
  • Made in: Italy
  • Frame: made of aluminum and plastic materials, two safety arms can be folded manually, diagnostic control panel synchronized with the movement of the platform
  • Lifting load: 325 kg up to 36 degrees call – 250 kg up to 45 degrees call
  • Speed: 0.07 meters / sec. (Stanart) Choice 0.14m / sec.
  • Maximum route: 40 meters
  • Maximum call: 45 degrees
  • Minimum stair width: 755mm. without standard platform 955mm. by standard
  • Platform: Aluminum frame and floor with non-slip cover, designed to work with the user standing or in a wheelchair.
  • Automatic ramp on the side of the platform
  • Boarding and disembarking security
  • A lightweight and easy to use controller works everything.
  • RPSP is fully automatic, ramps, arms, also has the option of automatic platform

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