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The Levant lift is manufactured by the company THYSSENKRUPP, the largest manufacturer for mobility solutions and our official partner.

The Levant-HomeGlide lift for straight stairs satisfies the market need for guaranteed reliability, strong quality and fast installation, without compromising on safety and all this at a very competitive price.

It is simple, durable and meets all accessibility requirements.

The simplicity of HomeGlide allows the stair lift to be installed very quickly.

It is placed directly on the stair cleanly and discreetly, it slides effortlessly along an aluminum rail.

The Levant can be mounted on straight stairs with a width of 740mm and can be folded when not in use to free up space for other people using stairs.

The Levant lift is easy to operate and runs on battery power, so there are no complications in the event of a power failure.

  • Maximum speed: 0,12 m / s
  • Drive mechanism: gear rack
  • Rated load: 127-138 kg
  • Motor output: 280W
  • Batteries: 2 x 12V-7Ah, total 24V
    • Designed in Germany
    • Manufactured in Netherlands
    • Rated load: 135 kg up to 45 degrees call, 127 kg up to 53 degrees call.
    • Battery capacity: 20 trips with 5m rail at maximum load.
    • Foot height: 115mm. seat 593mm with and 565mm. without lining up to 45 degrees call, 118mm / 596mm / 568mm, up to 53 degrees call.
    • Charges from 220V AC standard wall socket.
    • Charging stations on top and bottom ends of rail.
    • Minimum width of stairway: 680mm
    • Continuous pressure controls
    • Aluminum rail on both sides seat rotation lever.
    • Standard base seat, off-white upholstery.
    • Seatbelt
    • Low foot
  • Upholstered with water-resistant fabric
  • “Flow style” joystick
  • Foldable seating surface
  • Foldable armrests
  • Safety belt
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Anti-crush safety edges
  • Color: RAL 7024
  • Up and down movement by joystick on armrest2 remote controls included

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