An elegant lift for home and commercial use for customers who demand the best in quality and aesthetic.



The Gulliver lift is made in Italy, by the cooperating company THYSSENKRUPP.

Gulliver is a hydraulic lift –  platform that is suitable for a wide range of applications at home and in public buildings, for indoor and outdoor use.

The platform lift is very flexible, as it offers 71 standard platform sizes and up to 12 meters high.

It can also be accessed from three sides, has a customizable design and has many colors and door models to choose from.

The closed shaft makes the users feel safe, as well as the smooth operation of the hydraulic unit.

Gulliver can also be installed in stairwells.

It also offers numerous benefits for outdoor use: the unit does not need to be in close proximity to the system, but can be installed in the building, significantly reducing the operating costs of the installation.

Gulliver saves space and is ideal for new or existing construction.

In addition, the modular system allows short installation times

They can serve buildings up to 12 meters high.

  • simple technology
  • space efficiency
  • energy efficiency
  • wide range of sizes and finishes
  • full range of personalization options
  • Motor: 230 V single phase, 50 Hz
  • Power supply: 230 ± 10% V single phase, 50 Hz
  • Up to five stops (optional)

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