Suntrap Systems

Pool accessibility products to suit your budget and needs.


Our partnership with Suntrap Systems allows us to offer a wide range of pool lifts and pool accessibility devices.

Among the most flexible and economical products we offer are the Power EZ Pool Lift ™ and the Manual EZ Pool Lift ™.

The Power EZ Pool Lift ™ operates with a built-in battery, for the smooth entry and exit of the person with mobility problems in the pool, using the waterproof remote control.

The lift has full 360 ° manual rotation. It can also be used in a pool with a raised wall up to 60 cm high and between 30 cm – 50 cm from the edge of the pool.

Manual EZ Pool Lift. Is a different, manual version of this product.


  • Lifting capacity: 181 kg

  • Adjustable stainless steel chains

  • Durable and adjustable crane bar.

    Available Accessories:


  • Seat with cover with extended slot and crane bar extension arm.

  • Special 4-point slot for more comfortable boarding and disembarking.

  • Alternative seat option with hard molded seat.

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